15 March 2011

{Elie Saab Fal 2011; Working Girls}

. . saturday afternoon was coffee & coral lipstick, shrimp dumplings & snow pea leaves, and a trip to the flower markets; sunday was a luxuriously late start, a frothy misto & a languid brunch, and, most of all, a hopelessly lovely entire day, alone together . . . and now, monday, monday and back to work with new and beautiful things to to see and plan and do, and many more moments of happy inspiration . . .

hope you had a wonderful weekend, and that your week is off to a perfect start,

{Here Comes the Future Bride!}

Days afther the official announcement of the enganged between Prince Rainier III of Monaco and the Hollywood great star Grace Kelly, few photographers waited for take the first photos of the future bride.
     Soft Miss Kelly downed to the street for say hello to her fans, singing autographs and posing for the anxious photographers of the most important magazines.

 {Smiling and with a very elegant outfit the future Princess of Monaco poses in front of her apartment located in 988, 5th Ave (near Central Park) in New York that cold november day.}

{Source: LIFE.}

{Four Dreaming Dresses}

Rachel Gilbert 
Rachel Gilbert

Ashleigh embellished silk-chiffon gown

Rachel Gilbert 
Rachel Gilbert

Addison sequined cotton mini dress
Paul & Joe 
Paul & Joe

Osmose floral-print silk-chiffon gown
Jason Wu 
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{Suddenly I see}

You will have everything you want my dear.

{In the Heart of the City Apartments Part II}






{In the Heart of the City Apartment}