1 July 2011

{"There´s only one Kate in England"}

I love this quote, it was published days afther British Royal Wedding. I love her, she is natural and i love her style, she is a modern icon, and I have more interest in her wedding that in Monaco´s.

I don´t like how Jamie Hince looks, he is "too much" punk for his age,or that what i think. Anyway she is like a "hippie" princess in the rollroyce and Lila Grace - her daughter- is lovely.

The dress is a design by John Galliano (who is not in his best time). She show what a good friend she is.

Model with her father and her daughter in the car on route to the chapel.

Good luck!

{Wedding in Monaco; Part I}

Honestly, I don´t see anything interesting on Charlene. She seems a good girl but I think is "ridiculous" to tried to be like Grace Kelly, she should to be herself, am i wrong?
In the civil ceremony my eyes were on Caroline, she is stunning with the turquoise dress and the pamela! Love it.

Best wishes to Albert and his wife. I will miss Princess Caroline as first lady in Monaco.

Civil Ceremony of Rainier and Grace in 1956...

The dress that Princess Grace weared in the Civil Ceremony was designed by Helen Rose.