16 June 2011

{Summer Views}

Blue and White Chinese Scene Garden Seat
The porcelain is from "Payne Street" via "One Kings Lane", and it costs 375$.

{Here Comes the Maid of Honour}

Grace Kelly was honour maid in her sister -Lizanne- wedding, in 1955. Lizanne married with Donald Levine and they had got three children, one of them called Grace in honour of Grace Kelly.
They were very pretty that day, and Grace as always stunning.

The Sisters,1955.

This is a press clip from that day. The Kellys was a famous family in New England.

Grace at the Lizanne’s wedding,1955.
Lizanne died in 2010 ( she was the only Kelly siblings who was alive)and she is buried in Philadelphia, PA.

Grace and her sister Lizanne
Scanned by me