13 August 2012

{American Impressionist: Julian Onderdonk}

The influence of French Impressionism spread out in waves from the original movement’s epicenter in Paris. Some of the waves beached in various parts of the U.S., where artists who later came to be known as American Impressionists began adopting elements of the style — first in the northeast, then somewhat later in California.


11 August 2012

{La Délicatesse}

It is an friendly and very nice environment. Three sounds are mixed in a harmonious and rhythmic tune, that of the birds, laughing children and the silence of the trees. It is easy to breathe and i fall asleep easily with head on the couch.

     There is peace, nothing is important enough, the only thing that really matters is that sky, that .... and nothing more. Every morning I wake up without an alarm clock, and so I got up late. I wait until your body wakes up. The mom´s piano is finally played, sweet melodies and refined, clear and cheerful, but also touching melancholy.

7 August 2012

{Paris Match Aug 2-8 2012}

The latest issue of French magazine has paid a tiny but beautiful tribute to the late Princess Grace of Monaco through the lens of Howell Connant, her favorite photographer during all her life as actress and princess and who also knew how to portray her beauty in a special way, as she really was . If you have an opportunity I invite you to buy a copy, it's worth.





{Source: Paris Match Au. 2012}

6 August 2012


I was out last July for holiday and also because after the year I realized I must to dedicated more time to relax and take few days for thinking about my next projects. I promisse you that I will back next September with more 'gifts of the life' for share with you.

Have a lovely month,