12 November 2011

{Happy B-Day Grace!}

“I would like to be remembered as someone who accomplished useful deeds, and who was a kind and loving person. I would like to leave the memory of a human being with a correct attitude and who did her best to help others”  - (Princess Grace)

A day like today in 1929 last Princess Grace of Monaco borned in Philadelphia, USA. Now she would turns 82.

Grace was a shy girl, daughter of John "Jack" B. Kelly and Margaret Majer, and sister of Margaret Katherine "Peggy", John B. Kelly Jr "Kell" and Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie". During her childhood she dídn´t like sports like her relatives, but she showed an extraordinary talent for theatre and fashion drawings. In 1947 she moved to New York for studying dramatic art at NY school of Dramatic Art.

{From Up to Down: Grace with her younger sister Lizzie, teenager Grace at her shore house in Ocean City (NJ), photo of her at her school in Philly, Grace and Lizzie in England, Grace and her friends and Grace in 1948}

She become a great star in just only four year. In her first film for Hitchcock everybody got in love with her. She usually appeared in magazine´s covers and she was selected as winner in the Academy Awards of 1955.

{From Up to Down: Grace poses in Jamaica and captures by the Howell Connant´s camera, Grace for ELLE magazine, and Grace in Los Angeles in 1956}

{Grace poses with her Oscar in 1955}

1955...That was absolutly her year because she was the special guest at Cannes Film Festival, where she met Prince Rainier III of- the little and unknowed (by that time)country in the south of France -called Monaco. They got married a year afther, in April 19th 1956.

{Princess Grace and Rainier before their wedding, in her apartment in 5th ave NY}

{Grace in the Civil Wedding Day}


what a high quality


The very definition of ethereal. Utterly breathtaking she was.
{Religious Ceremony pictures}

Grace was concius of her new role as Princess since the beginning and she was admired and loved by the people too.


 In 1957 borned her first daughter, Caroline. In 1958 Albert II borned. Her last girl was Stephanie, who came to the world in 1965.

Grace Kelly and her family. 1963.
Princess Grace and her family arrives to Philly airport

Prince Rainier III of Monaco and his wife, Princess Grace in New York. November 26, 1958 (Bettmann/Corbis)

{Family pictures from 1960 to 1969}

She couldn´t follow her career as actress but anyway she could do something creative: poetry and flowers art.
“Princess Grace of Monaco exhibits a selection of her dried flower collages at the Galerie Drouant in Paris. June 08, 1977 (© Richard Melloul)”
{Princess Grace with her floral works in a special expo in Paris, c. 1978}

{Princess Grace at Princess Grace Theatre´sBallet Openning in Monaco}
I adore her eyes…
{Pictures of Grace in the early 70s}

Tragically Princess Grace died in a car accident when she returned to Monaco from Roc Angel, their summer residence. She died in 1982. Today she would be 82.

{Portraits of Princess Grace in 1982}

{Sometimes an extraordinary woman borned -since Joan of Arc to Catherine "the Great"- and Grace was one of them. That is why people never forget her}.

Happy Birthday dear Princess, wherever you are now...