4 May 2012

{Prelude to a Prize}

Actress Grace Kelly goes by car to the Kodak Theatre for the 1955´s Academy Awards. Miss Kelly winned the Oscar for the 'Best Actress' role that year.
{Photographer: George Silk for Life Magazine} 

{'La Mer de Pianos', 2011}

Short film about Marc Manceaux, the owner of the oldest piano shop in Paris.

{Directed and edited by: Tom Wrigglesworth & Mathieu Cuvelier}


{The Golden Age}

To think that  the past time was better is a waste of time. As it is discussed in the last Woody Allen´s movie "Midnight in Paris" (2011), many people have a melancholy nature about what is related to the "old" and dream with living in other eras. In that way of being, that many people share, Allen gives his own scientific term:  the "Golden Age syndrome". 

                      Leaving aside the Freudian psychology, is also relevant to analyze why some people with these characteristics decide to express their frustration (if they have skills or sensitivity to it) through Art. In all its forms: writing novels based in past Eras, painting pictures or illustrating scenes from past times, designing fashion inspirated in the past, or even many film directors have a recurrent theme in past events of the story history. 

                This is wonderful and extraordinary as well. Because there are many more ways (unless somebody finally invent a time machine) to transport us to another moment in history.


May,  4th. 2012.

            I have always said that God was wrong with me. I should have been born, at least, when were still rules (I love all the rules). When the Beauty of the ordinary, the details and good manners were more imporants that the economic problems which now flood the media. Because, well...uhm, in the past also existed problems. But unlike today, people took tea in good china.


           I realize that what I have said above is ridiculously utopianand taking into account the reality that we have got,especially in Europe, so I know this can be ridiculous. I am aware of that. Times have changed (Yes, ok I know...) and for a XXI century´s mother with five children, working and with a so large list of things to do like "making a tree costume for her 5 years old boy, the last thing that she has got is time for tea in a cup of china (Not even she can have a tea!). 


       But precisely at this point I invite you to reflect about it. Humanity had never had a so tecnologycall avanced life and with a lot of artificial instruments which make (or try to do) our  life eassy  like we have today (as free of social ties but in the other side, too much stressful and so evenfrightening with too higher levels than our grandparents were)  


          Does not the change of lifestyle by many technological facilities and practices, and new ways of living (seaside, duplex, houses or flat, or lofts)  has made us to forget to having time to enjoy of what really matters? That moment when the soul is totally alone with our thoughts, which invites every of us to find moments of "absolute clarity", which is oneself totally alone with soul and mind, and also connected with other forms of life that nature gives, is not possible today, except for some lucky people.


         Only God knows that I would change all the freedoms and advancements for to have time for study, read, reflect, philosophize and feel my heartbeat And makes my talent to work with all the time in the world. 
Loving the simple things,



{Photo Sequence; Grace and Lizanne}

Princess Grace holds on her younger sister arm, Lizanne Levine, in New York City circa 1958.


{Photographer:  Robert W. Kelley for Life Magazine}