6 September 2011

{Travelling Bag of 50s decade}

Do you recognize this bag?
Have you ever heard about "Mark Cross´s bag"? This is a black leather rectangular-shaped handbag used by Grace Kelly as she portrayed New York City girl-about-town and socialite, Lisa Carol Fremont, in the Alfred Hitchcock classic. Used throughout the extended scene when Kelly arrives to scandalously spend the night with Jeff, as portrayed by James Stewart, this particular prop is referenced and used numerous times: Kelly calls it her 'Mark Cross overnight case,' Stewart asks if it's really a suitcase, Kelly opens it to display a negligee as she coyly says "Preview of coming attractions," Lieutenant Thomas J. Doyle, as portrayed by Wendell Corey, makes an innuendo about it and its purpose and lastly, Kelly naively asks if the Lieutenant thinks she's stolen it.
In decent condition (with the exception of the handle which has been replaced and is partially unattached now), the interior has a rust-colored leather lining, four pockets and an affixed mirror while the outside displays a brass clasp and four small brass 'stands' which protect the bottom of the bag when it stands upright.
The current consignor's deceased mother won this handbag in a contest shortly after the movie was released in 1954, though the specifics are now not remembered by the family.
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