17 May 2011

{A locket containing hair from queen Marie Antoinette}

{Lady in White}


{Portrait by Edward Hughes, UK 1892}

The Countess of Essex, whose wedding, in 1893 was the social sensation of the year, is a tall, graceful woman with soft eyes and dark hair, and what someone happily called a ‘magnolia tinted’ complexion.
                 Her portrait, under the title of ‘A Lady in White’ was probably the ‘picture of the year’ when it was exhibited at the Royal Academy, and brought unqualified praise to Sir Hubert von Herkomer, R.A., who painted it. Lady Essex was one of the celebrated ‘Lovely Five’, as society delighted to call certain ladies renowned for their beauty. They were, in addition to herself, the Duchess of Sutherland, the Countess of Westmorland, the Countess of Lytton, and the Countess of Warwick. Lady Essex, like her husband, was greatly interested in sport and in animals. She was noted for fine taste, one of her hobbies being the collecting of miniatures, and in her boudoir at Cassiobury Park, Watford, she had over a hundred portraits of the belles and beaux of bygone times, all beautiful specimens of the miniaturist's art.

{A little bit about english Royal history}

I love this photo, they were a lovely couple.
Engagement picture of The Duke of York and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (King George VI & The Queen Mum) in January 18, 1923.

“We look up at the stars and they are

not there. We see memory
of when they were, once upon a time.
And that too is more than enough.” — Jack Gilbert

{Two Looks for a city girl who is very busy at day and she needs a very very big bag}


{Look Into the Wardrove´s Paradisse}

The owner is a Suzanne Rogers (Toronto) and the wonderful blog "The Coveteur" taked a lot of pictures of her favourite place at ther home in Canada: The Wardrove, one space that every women should to have for scape of the routine of the days. Woww!

{Images Credits: The Coveteur via Suddedhearts}

{A Question!}

Dear Ladies,
Does anybody know who is this wonderful dress´desinger? I have never seen a so sublime creation and I can´t find who created this...
Thanks wholeheartly for your help.