1 May 2011


Grace Kelly making charades in the wedding pre-party at SS Constitution Boat which travelled from New York Port to Monaco in April 1956. I love that lace dress, it is my favourite of her closet.

{Flower Power for a Sunday}

{Happy Mothers´Day}

What could we do without mothers? Since the day we born mothers and children create a link for the eternity.
1. Grace and Caroline:

2. Jackie and Caroline:
Jacqueline and Caroline Kennedy  1960
3. Elizabeth and Elizabeth:

4. Elizabeth and Anna:

5. Letizia and Leonor:

6. Catherine and Chiara:

7. Frances and Diana:

8. Linda and Stella:

9. Kate and Lila Grace:

10. Twiggy and Carly:

11. Tippy and Melanie:

12. Gloria and Divine:

13. Gywneth and Blythe:

14. Vivien and Suzy: