10 September 2011

{Fashion Plates from 1860s}

Source: Fripperies And Fobs (http://fripperiesandfobs.tumblr.com/)

{To Catch a Thief Premiere in 1955}

Grace with Cary Grant and others.
Up Grace´sisters: Peggy and Lizanne.


(via the marion house book » a collection of stories about my house)
Photo source: this is glamorous.
(via {this is glamorous})
Winter look by Chloe.

Catherine Deneuve in Venice in the end of 60s.
(via {this is glamorous})

Corelli-Concerto Grosso.

Gywneth Paltrow at the Venice Film Festival 2011.

Grace Kelly dressed by Edith Head in "To Catch a Thief"

Old photo tribute to Giacomo Cassanova.