11 July 2011

{How to Use the Cancealer}

The brush used must has been specially designed so that a perfect result can be achieved by every woman.
  • Step 1: Pour a small quantity of foundation (cream or fluid) onto the back of your hand.
  • Step 2: Pick up a small amount of foundation using one flat side of the brush, start from the centre of the face, and working on one area at time, blend outward with light strokes.
Turn the brush over and, without adding additional product, finish blending that area with downward strokes.
  • Step 3: Use the edges of your brush to blend up the foundation on the small but strategic areas of your face such as under the eyes, nose’s corners, and the chin.
Repeat the process until all desired areas are covered and skin is perfectly even. (Memo: forehead, each cheek, chin and your nose)
  • Step 4: Don’t forget to blend the edge of the liquid foundation along your jaw line in the skin on your neck. The goal is not to be able to see where the foundation ends, not to cover your neck in foundation!!
Tip 1: Apply the make-up foundation to the face with the annular finger with gentle weeping movements as you apply to the temples, the chin and the cheekbones. To avoid the mask effect on the skin, apply foundation only in this areas. Mix the fluid foundation with a little amount of Génifique for transparent make-up result.

Thanks to Lancome Paris.

{Dreams Kitchen}

{Summer Gourmet Picnic}

Summer is a great season to leave home with family and friends. One of my favorite ideas is to prepare a basket with food, get some towels and a picnic on the grass or sand (depending on where you are).

                         We have always seen in movies the classic sandwiches with lettuce, orange juice, cakes ... But a picnic can be more fun by adding other products The secret? Having the necessary utensils, special-mostly plastic picnic, and then to throw it or flush them easily.

                         At Dean and Deluca they have many products that you'll like. If there is a store in your area you can order online.
The Perfect Picnic
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