27 June 2011

{A Ceremony in the Countryside}

European Village
Dress desinged by Once Wed.

{Mr. Fried and Women}

Pál Fried (1893-1976) was an hungarian artist who paints with a subjet: women.
Fried Pal


"La Mademoiselle Pensee"
Girl In Front Of A Busy Paris Cafe
"Girl in Front of a Busy Coffea"


{Neoclassical Antiques Selecction; Summer 2011}

A pair of painted beech wood Louis XVI armchairs (Fauteuils)
Le Antiquare
Louis XVI Ormolu Clock by Breguet. Circa 1780
Florian Papp
Secrétaire À Abbatant, C1790, Austrian
N.P. Trent
N.P. Trent.
Colossal Marble Bust by Christopher Prosperi
Alexander Westherhoff
A Set of Eight Neoclassical Blue Painted and Parcel Gilt Dining
Guy Regal Ltd.
Pair of Ormolu Candelabra after Delafosse
Guinevere Antiques
Pair Of Early 19th Century Alabaster Urns On Stands
Alexander Westerhoff
A George III Satinwood Bed
Kentshire Antique Furniture
A Four Panel Neoclassical French Screen
Le Trianon Fine Antiques
Painted And Parcel Gilded Wood Commode With Gilded Bronze Mounts
Le Antiquare
18th Century Statuary, Sienna and Jasper Marble Chimneypiece
A Set of Four Louis XVI Painted Fauteuils Attributed Claude Sene
Le Trianon Fine Antiques
The Versailles Palace Chair
M.S.Rau Antiques
Chinese Export Grisaille Dinner Service. Circa 1800
Florian Papp Antiques
Hyde Park Antiques Ltd.
Period English Regency Neoclassical Twenty Light Chandelier
Alexander Westherhoff

{Laura Ashley Classics Finds}


It is delightful to take a nice cup of tea in the afternoon! Before, I never drank tea, I didn´t taste sour. The problem was that I had only tested green tea or red ones, and almost always cheaper than brand was in the super. But when, some years ago in London, I drank a cup of flower tea with a little milk and sugar, I knew I had found something delicious which I would depend on the rest of my life.

               Following of that, I began to research about teas. In any gourmet food store you can find the classic brands of tea from India or South America (top ones) and although sometimes are a little pricey, worth it. There are countless types of tea, flowers, fruits and even spices such as cinnamon.

             I would love to make a little tribute to this absolutly energetic and funny drink: The Tea.
I collect a lot of teas´box that found travelling or in the supermarket. In London I usually buy teas for my grandmother -who loves it- and for me, of course. I never know what I will want to prepare so I choose several flavours and labels.

If you don´t know about teas, you should to start by the following ones:
The king of the teas is the "white tea". In order to quality: white, grey, green, red and black.

Fortnum & Mason is a prestigious company I tasted last day one with yunam and eucaliptus. Absolutly delicious with ice and milk!
In other hand, I am addicted to Picadilly biscuits with batter, mm... In a day I can eat the whole box (hehe)

The lemon ones is my favourite. But If you are thinking about to make a present do not forget the big box with different types of biscuits, delicious too.

Go shopping here 
Other good tea I have tasted is from Betty´s, exactly called "Yorkshire Tea" (but I am not sure if the company is located in the Yorkshire region or not). I have two little boxes of this label in my grandmother´s home. She doesn´t like too much but I believe is a good tea indeed.
Green Tea with Lemon Tea BagsOrganic Peppermint Tea Bags

The organic tea of Taylors is light, If you are making a diet is perfect for you. The "blackberry and eldest flower" and the green tea with lemon are my favourite. I recommend you.
You can buy online here.
Another great tea company is the american "Harney & Sons". I thought it was british but it was founded in USA.
I usually buy it in a shop of Spain called "Vips", but it is the most famous tea label so you can find it everywhere. The boxes design is adorable and you can use it as flowers vase when you will have finished the tea.
I specially like one very energetic called "Paris" and another with jasmine. The early grey is my mother´s favourite.

You can buy here.
In Betjeman & Barton you can find very aromatic teas, a lot of flavours! But in my opinion the best one is one tea with chamomille; is a good idea with sugar in a summer afthernoon.

Visit the shop here.
               And finally the classic french "Ladurée", if you are in Paris you must to visit it; drink a tea and macarrons. I hate to seems a tourist but in Paris I couldn´t help it. I was fascinated with the interior decoration, It was like to be in the XIX century... and what to say about the food, sublime...I understand the high prices. This year, when I worked as nanny, the baby´s mother loved tea too and she have got a great collection of tea. I got in love of that library of teas. And I remember, specially in winter, to make a tea of Lauduree, I can´t remember the name, but the box was pale pink and it smelled like flowers.

Good afthernoon tea!