2 September 2011

{Urban Garden in the Top of a NYC Building}

{Source: My Paradissi}

{Grace by Quinn}

Edward Quinn was one of the most famous and influential photographer of the past XX century. Most of his works were taked in the French Riviera. The old golden times of the riviera where the richest spent their fortunes in the casinos, parties and luxurious hotels.

                  In 1955, young Grace Kelly (who just only was 25) attend as invited star afther winned an Oscar for her play in "The Country Girl" (1954). During one of those morings, always elegant Grace - who weared a big ribbon in her blue jacket and pearls earrings- was relaxing in a coffea near Le Croissete talking with somes friends. Quinn was there, near more than twenty photographers, and taked these lovely pics.