25 October 2011

{They Called it "Love"}

{Rainier and Grace of Monaco enjoy of some days in Ocean City, NJ 1956}
{The marriage in Roc Angel, Switzerland, 1966}

"My darling,

This is to tell you in a very mild way how terribly much I love you, miss you, need you and want you near me always. Safe trip my love. Rest, relax and think of me burning myself out with this terrible longing of you, for you. I love you so."

— Prince Rainier III to Grace Kelly, April 1956

{Monte Carlo, Monaco. 1969}

{Paola of Belgium; An Album of Happiness by Henry Clarke}

I see some of last Princess Grace on her. The pictures were taked by the fashion photographer Henry Clarke to Paola Ruffo di Calabria, wife of Prince Albert of Belgium, Princess of Liege and current Queen of Belgium and her children in 1965

{Early Autumn Reflexion...}