29 April 2011

{The Guests}

Mrs. Middelton, HRH Queen Elizabeth II of England and HRHDuchess Camilla of Cornwalls.
(I don´t like yellow in all the outfit but the Queen can afford everything she wants)

HRH Princess Letizia of Asturias
(Boring outfit -in my opinion- not fashionable)

HRH Prince Felipe of Asturias

HRH Queen Sofia of Spain
(My favourite´s queen)

HRH Princess Victoria of Sweden and her husband Prince Daniel.
(Love the colour of her dress)

HRH Queen Margaret of Denmark in blue.

First Minister David Cameron and her wife.

Great Duke Henry and Great Duchess Teresa of Luxemburg.

Prince and Princess of Serbia

HRH Prince William and Princess Maxima of Netherland.

Miss Pippa Middelton - Princess Catherine´s young sister who was bridesmaid.
(She was pretty and the children were so cute)

HRH Prince Edward and Princess Sophia, duke and duchess of Wessex.

Eugene and Beatrix of York - Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson´s daughters.
(I think she choosed a worse outfit, specially in their heads...Funny but not elegant)

HSH Prince Albert of Monaco and her future wife, Miss Charlene
(She tries to be like last Princess Grace, but i think that is the most difficult thing in the world and she must tries to be like herself)

{They Are Married}

I watched the wedding on TV this morning and i just only can say she was definitly elegant, classy and beautiful. It´s nice to still believe in fairytales.