19 June 2013

{Thanks to TELVA}

Today I am specially happy and grateful to Miss Isabela Munoz - Spanish TELVA Magazine´s Editor-, has selected Eaton Square as one of the best decorating blogs in their lifestyle section in the last May Issue. I feel proud because TELVA is one of the most popular ladies magazines in Spain, It is an honor for me to appear in its pages. TELVA is also a 50 years old publication, very similar to English TATLER magazine. I totally suggest you to visit their website, a place for elegant and classy women.

Thank you so much.

Translation to English:

"In its mission statement it says it is dedicated to the Decorative Arts, Interior Design, Gardens and Architecture, but It exudes pure style essence of the lifelong Londoner"-. By Isabela Munoz (Telva).

Magazine Cover May 2013 Issue