2 November 2011

{The 40s of a Princess}

"Grace was horrified to reach 40" - said her good friend Rita Gamm. Grace Kelly, during her time in Hollywood, looked askance the future. Fortunately she hadn´t to suffer the rejection of the film producers for not being young, she became a princess.

       "I dread to think when I will have to get up at 5 am for makeup" - said the young Grace Kelly in an interview in 1955.

       But Grace, after giving birth to her third daughter, Stephanie, was more beautiful than ever. It´s true that she had trouble saving her weith maintenance , but she had found a unique style in France, the american princess was stunning. Not even the young Princess Paola de Liege - current queen of Belgium-, considered spectacularly beautiful by the media, managed to overshadow Grace.

     In 1969, when she had celebrated her 40th birthday in november 12th, Cecil Beaton taked her a photoshoot in the Palace of Monaco´s garden. She appeared with the only neccesary makeup, minimal style and a french twist.



{Source: Cecil Beaton 1969/Vogue FR//Sheila Grace´sPlace}