14 September 2011

{Tear of Love}

It's hard to explain what I experience when notes of a special ordered up a musical work. You get to the guts, you stir the blood and this makes your hair on end, and then reborn. It is a climax ... To this aim, the climax, but this lasts barely two minutes. But the journey, the journey to, through Beauty, is also a remarkable journey.

Listen this sublime work by Thaicovsky (It is best if you have your eyes closed):

"Tchaicovsky - Pas de Deux" (my favourite piece from "The Nutcracker")
or click here if you can not see the player.

{On this Day...}

On this day, September 14, in 1982, Princess Grace of Monaco died. The former actress just only was 52 year old and she had been victim of a car accident.
I love her jewerlly here…

The world will not forget you.