18 February 2013

{"The Greater Abbeys Of England" (1908) By Warwick Goble}

Battle Abbey , the Gateway.
Netley Abbey , East Window.
Gloucester Cathedral , Cloister and Lavatorium
St. Joseph's Chapel , Glastonbury
Beulieu Abbey , Door of Abbey Church
Whalley Abbey , Abbot's House
Netley Abbey , The Cloisters

{Kitchens with Character}

Happy Monday! I want to start this week with special kitchens. Seriously though, the more time I spent looking at pics of kitchens blinged out with brass, the more I realized that this is probably the only metal in which I like all styles of handles and pulls, from the contemporary to the downright country. I certainly could never have said that about nickel! So I thought I would pull together a few of the most popular styles being used right now for your viewing pleasure, showing just how versatile this heavenly finish really is. Get ready to swoon . . .


Flat front handles:

Bin Pulls:

Knobs, both modern and classic:

Traditional footed:

Recessed pulls:


Vintage style exposed screw:

See what I mean? I love each and every one of these, even those I would never have expected to - like the bin pulls and the traditional exposed-screw handles (which are now some of my faves).