30 November 2011

{The Perfect Georgian House; York´s Fairfax House}

Said by many to be the finest Georgian town house in England. Built in 1762, Fairfax House was originally the winter home of Viscount Fairfax. Its richly decorated interior was designed by York's most distinguished eighteenth-century architect, John Carr.

{The XVIII century red bricks´s building located in York county, England}

    Extensively adapted in the twentieth century as a cinema and dance hall, Fairfax House was saved from decay and returned to its former glory by York Civic Trust in 1982-84. 

  The house contains the superb Noel Terry collection of furniture, clocks, paintings and decorative arts, described by Christie's as one of the finest private collections of the twentieth century.

The next pictures belong show Ann´s bedroom:

{Charles Gregory, 9th Viscount of Fairfax of Emley (Peerage extinct on his death); c. 1730 artist unknowed}

{Lady Mary Fairfax (Second wife of 9th Viscount); by Philippe Mercier (1689-1760)}

*Note: The peerage of Fairfax was claimed in 1908 by Albert Kirby Fairfax. The current owner of the peer is John Albert Fairfax (b. 1964).

-Location of the house:
Castlegate, York, North Yorkshire YO1 9RN England, UK.
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