31 December 2012

{This Will be an Amazing Beautiful Year for All}

New Year´s Eve traditional song played by Pink Martini (A Retrospective Album, 2011). For listening first you must stop the blog´s music below. Enjoy it!

26 December 2012

{A Dandy Portrait: Mr. Crowley}

Sean Crowley is a neckwear designer for a Major Brand (we can't tell you who, but it's probably the pre-eminent name in menswear in America). He lives in a Brooklyn apartment crammed floor to ceiling with the accoutrements of a gentleman's lifestyle, from rowing paddles to cocktail ingredients to neckties. Thousands and thousands of neckties, which hang on a custom rack he built with his father.

24 December 2012

{Merry Christmas to All!}

Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas day, my best wishes to all my nice Eaton Square followers and please do not forget the true meaning of this day, the Nativity not the capitalist disease. Humility, Solidarity and Love; Peace on Earth.

13 December 2012

{How to make: Holiday Leaf Crown}

I show you an eassy idea for a nice hairstyle - specially for this season when there´re a lot of parties for being amazing stunning-. Let´s see.

Materials: wire thin enough to shape to the head, wire cutters, greenery clipped from the garden, gold spray paint, straw floral tape

Step 1: Spray paint your leaves at least 24 hours before you intend on making the crown.
Step 2: Measure the wire around the model's head and cut it with 3 extra inches.
Step 3: Form the wire into a circle and wrap the extra inches around to secure it.
Step 4: Break the leaves into 2 1/2" segments.
Step 5: Take your first segment and floral tape it around the wire.
Step 6: Take the next segment of leaves and overlap it with the previous segment and floral tape it around the wire.
Step 7: Repeat until you get to the end. Overlap it with the beginning.

That's it! Voila!

Photography by Amanda Thomsen 
Project by Brittany Watson Jepsen for Brooklyn Bride
Model Cecilie Andersen
Assistant Karen Yip
Jacket by FN 92
Dress by Elefeteria

{I Capture the Castle}

1st Option, the premiere UK property management firm for filming and photography, recently added a Gloucestershire castle to its portfolio of amazing properties. All photos of old castles immediately make me think of the book “I Capture the Castle”, by Dodie Smith. Have a look:

11 December 2012

{Art for this Christmas}

I love these illustrations by Barbara Szepesi Szucs for they are cute, right into the Christmas spirit and all ages favorable. Such a nice gift to your beloved ones (including yourself).

10 December 2012

{Dec 10th, The "International Day for Animal Rights"}

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.  

                                                           ~William Ralph Inge, Outspoken Essays, 1922

6 December 2012

{Montblanc Princess Grace Collection 2012}

Grace and her sister Peggy during the photo shoot in Jamaica

At SS. Constitution from New York to Monaco, 1955.

Princess Grace and her son, Prince Albert II, during a holidays in 1959

I would like to be remembered as a decent human 
who tried to help others - HSH Princess Grace of Monaco.

{Source: captures from Montblanc Princess Grace Collection video with Howell Conant pictures}

{Christmas in White}