14 March 2012

{Have you got Inspiration for Today?}

Everyday has got a meaning. Not even you had a bad day, the next one is always better (or if it is worst, you can improve it with something special). I am not talking with 'cheap' pshicology. This is a way of surviving.

    I have learnt that feelings only stay with us for minutes, something is always waiting for surprising you. Have you already find it?


                             How do not love ice cream? I want to try flowers flavours.

                                                Peonies make more beautiful any place.

                                            Let´s  go to find something elegant for you.


Well illuminated room is very important for find the peace at home.


{Photo Source: Pure Photography Blog via This is GlamorousElena Kovyrzina; dress by Sandro in Net-a-Porter; Eleanor Bridge