6 April 2011


{Fionna will prepare the wedding cake for the Royal Wedding next April 29th}
Fiona Cairns cakes are as delicious as they are beautiful. If you want to entertain with flair – at a tea party, birthday, or even a wedding – you have come to the right place. And you need no special occasion to enjoy our sweet treats, as we know you'll love them at any time. And the exciting news is that you can now make Fiona Cairns cakes at home as her first book, Bake and Decorate, hits the shelves in March. If this seems like too much effort, though, simply see our list of stockists!

'The market leader because of the quality of the ingredients, her witty and original decoration, and because I feel happy whenever I see her cakes.' Caroline Boucher, Observer Food Monthly

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England LE8 8UD
Phone: +44 (0) 116 240 2888

Email: contactme@fionacairns.com
Website: http://www.fionacairns.com/

{Tracy and Hepburn; Could a Love be more Honest?}

When people write and ask me about love, I think to myself: Well, I’ve been lucky. I’ve really known a lot about love. Thank you, Spencer.

- Katharine Hepburn
All About Me [1993]