7 March 2012

{Picture of the Week}

Portrait of Ravenscroft family in Liverpool , August 1910.

{More pictures from the Ravenscroft family´s album}

{Antonín Hudeček (1872-1941) Artworks}

Different artists have tried to achieve something on their canvas: capture the light. The light at different times: the light of 6 in the morning or in the light of seven in the evening.All their differences illustrate the fascinating changes that days, and hours, offer us.

    Hudecket fascinated me, when I saw one of her paintings. While the brilliance of Impressionism was located in the regions of France, he captured a very different light to the Mediterranean, the birthplace´s one of the Czech Republic.
   Hope you like it as much as me. Unfortunately there is not information enough about him online. I will research more of Hudecket in the library.

"Landscape before a Storm" (1899)
Antonín Hudecek - Krajina S Kostelíkem
"Krajina S Kostelikem" (1902)

"Evenning Silence" (1902)