19 January 2011

{Grace Kelly in Golden Globes Awards 1955}

{Twelve months later she would leaved
Hollywood for become Princess of Monaco.}


  1. An icon of elegance, that unfortunally her daughters can't be like her. Although Caroline is always dressed by Chanel ( i love so much, this house), she has'nt the same natural elegance...

  2. It´s very difficult to be "just only" similar to Grace Kelly, and it´s true, you´re right, Princess Caroline hasn´t got her spirit and elegance. Sometimes there´s borns a different woman, like Catalina the Great, Marie Antoinette, Agatha Christie... and Grace was one of them; because of that world doesn´t forget her.

    What do you think about Miss Wistock? I don´t want to offend her; she seems a nice girl but why she tried to be like her future husband´s mother? I think is ridiculous to see her with that hairstyles and pearls necklace. Don´t you think the same dear M. Eugénia?

  3. It's true.Day by day we see her trying to be like her future mother-in-law. It's really ridiculous because she can be herself and create her own style that ( who Knows?)can be copied and followed by others. But i think that she may be obliged to be like Grace because it's important to please to the people. Now royalty is not very acceptable to many persons...
    We can say "noblesse oblige"


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