29 January 2011

{Une maison de lavande}


  1. Beutiful house, a real dream for a few, unfortunally...It's the kind of house of the tales in our childhhod stories. I have already painted an acquarelle with a similar landscape that makes me dreaming...
    The decorations are fantastic, a "clean" decoration but not "cold", warm and "chic"!Most people think that the White is not good, but with those images we can prove the contrary.It just necessary to combine the right accessories in the right places, I think...
    Here in Oporto we have a few shops with exclusively nordic furniture. It's " HOMES AND HEAVEN".I like very much go there and see...only nice things!
    Beautiful post you have, really.
    M. Eugénia

  2. Do you paint? so you´re an artist! an artist lady i think... I stayed in Monaco, Cannes, Nice and Grasse in 2007 with my mother and i honestly was the better travel of all my life. I understood perfectly why impressionist went there for find the perfect light for landscapes and day scenes... wonderful, romantic, brilliant!

    Thanks wholeheartly for your comment, you make my day:)


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