8 February 2011

{Do you Know this Lovely Woman?}

1.English Language
                                             2. Spanish Language

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  1. I love Agatha Christie and i have read all the books she wrote. Most of them were offered by family and friends who knows my "Craziness"...
    But when i began to see the BBC chapters i was absolutelly amazing, especially the landscapes, the houses, the decorations and actors, of course. BBC means quality and is a
    privilege to see movies made by them!
    I think i didn't mind to live in that time.
    Tht's why i love Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens and others, when we can "see" that environment and almost "live" in it.
    My favorite book from my adolescence is " JANE EYRE". I have read i and i have this book in english, french and portuguese language! do you know that my daughter, aged 29, began to love this book whithout knowing my special "taste" for it? Genetic, may be...
    Excuse my long comment, but it's a matter i like to talk.
    Kisses. Maria Eugénia


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