13 March 2011

{About Edith Head}

Edith Head is one of fashions most talked about costume designers. Edith put her fashion skills to work in a time where fashion was simply glamorous. She got a job as a costume sketch artist in the mid 1920’s with no experience. After that she moved up and became a costume designer for Paramount Pictures for the next 44 years of her life. During this time she got to dress the most alluring actresses of the era like: Grace Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Audrey Hepburn and many more. Working on so many films she was nominated for 35 academy awards while she was working with Paramount Pictures.

A designer is only as good as the star who wears her clothes.

-Edith Head
Some of her sketch for films:

For Audrey Hepburn in "Sabrina" (1955)

For Grace Kelly in "Rear Window" (1954)
For Nina Foch in "You´re Never too Young" (1955)
For Vera Miles in "Beareu" (1953)
For Vera Maxwell in "Off of Limit" (1957)

For Betty Hutton in "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" (1944)

For Carole Backer in "Harlow" (1966)

Dress designed by her for the film "A Place in the Sun" (1953) wich was weared by Elizabeth Taylor.
If you want to know more about this great actress take a look to the following books, all avaiable in amazon:
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Edith Head´s Hollywood
Edith Head: The Fifty-Year Career of Hollywood's Greatest Costume Designer
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