4 March 2011

{At the Palace´s Gardens}

Princess Grace by Howell Conant.

Princess Grace.

Princess Grace stunning by Howell Connant in 1958.


  1. Maria Eugénia5 March 2011 at 10:16

    Beautiful photos of the most glamorous and beautiful woman for many years. This photographer was a very close friend, that she knew even before marriage. And, only with such a confidence and complicity we can get so serene photos, don't you think? Beauty helps good photos, that's true, but with emotion it's rare. Only very good photographers , with a extra sensibility can do it...
    Maria Eugénia

  2. I am impressed my lady, I didn´t know you know so much about last Princess Grace. And that about H. Connant is only knowledge of great Grace´s fans.
    I have a book of photos taked by him to Grace and believe me, is a piece of art. I specially love the photoshoot in Jamaica, in 1955. She didn´t met Prince Rainier yet but it was her last year as actress. She went to Jamaica for the photoshoot with her oldest sister, Margaret Katherine (commonly "Peggy"). She was so soft in the pics...


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