27 March 2011

{Stacionary for Ladies}

As you know, stacionary is a way of show how much importance we give to us. I know it is not cheap, in "Smythson" you can buy it from $250 and if you send too much notes and letters you will have to buy stacionary again in only two months. But, anyway, that isn´t a problem because today you can personalize your stacionary with a good computer design program (I have used only microsoft word).One day i heared :“Writing paper for a man should always be strictly conservative.”

Take a look to the famous stars´s ones.
1.) Katherine Hepburn:

2.) Marlene Dietrich:

3.) Elvis Presley:

4.) Walt Disney:

5.) J.D. Salinger:

6.) Stephen King:

7.) Tenesse Williams:

8.) J.F.Kennedy (as senator in the early 60s):

9.) Jacqueline Kennedy:

10.) Palace of Monaco:

11.) Personal Diary of Princess Grace of Monaco (Wedding gift from Smythson):

12.) Elizabeth Taylor:
Elizabeth Taylor, 1985 | Source
13.) Corbin Co.:
P. & F. Corbin, 1913 | Source

Favourite Stacionary Company Around the World´s link:

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