11 April 2011

{Modern Cinderella Doesn´t Wait for Any Prince, Never!}

For many girls, "Cinderella" is their favourite tales of Disney. Particullary, it was my favourite childhood film, because it made me dream and learn of girls that "Every dreams can make it true". However, when I grow up I realized that there´s something wrong in the story, What about she is waiting for a "man" (the prince) for making her dreams true? Why she wait for a prince for leave the house and start a new life alone? Why to wait for a marriage for leave everything that make her unhappy? Why ladies?
Why she didn´t find a job first and creating herself before? I am sure you can lugh of me but, anyway, I understand that it was another era way of think.
Women haven´t to wait for a prince. Women don´t need it.
Despite of this it is one of the most beutiful story of all times.
Here a little tribute for you, my dear lady


"A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes" (Cinderella Disney OST)

"So This is Love" by D. Brubeck (Jazz Version; Cinderella OST based)

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