12 June 2011

{Little Lola c.1938}


This little girl is Lola, the elder sister of my granny. The picture was taked circa 1938. She is holding a puppy near the flowers. My grandmother, Elsa (called "Elsie" or "Elsita" in family), has not got so many pics, I think due to she borned seven years later and Lola got all attention by their parents. Is lovely to see her. Lola was the only one blonde hair, she died in 1948, too much young. The rest of sisters have got dark hair and green eyes but all of them still remember to her elder sister as a joyfull and graceful girl - Lola was like a colorful butterfly- granny says. She was always smiling and with a beautiful way of see the world. Lola was the favorite of their father, also by her other three sisters.

Rest in peace, little Lola.

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