28 June 2011

{My Dream House in London}

Have you ever watched "A Parents Trap" (1998)? It was my favourite film when I was a girl. Lindsay Lohan wasn´t like today and I usually to image that I had got a mate in any part of the world...

               But, I post this house because I have always thought that If I could choose a dream house It would be the Natasha Richardson´s house in Central London.
               Richardson died recently, in 2009, she was lovely in her role of Holly and Annie´s mom. She lived in Belgravia in the classic 1840 white house in a square. Now the house is selling.

(Lindsay Lohan and Natasha Richardson (R.I.P) in the film)


  1. I remember when Natasha Richardson died. Whenever I watch Love Actually, I can never look at Liam Neeson's character without thinking that he's been through that for real now. It's really sad.

    It does look a lovely house. I dread to think of the house valuation on top of it though. Anywhere in London is probably going to bankrupt you, let alone Belgravia.

  2. An idyllic house for sure! I bet there would be some conveyancing issues with some of that architecture!

  3. I used to walk in this area to my way back to home.
    the house is in: 23 Egerton Terrace, Kensington, London.
    Now,when you feel melancholic,you can always walk around the area.
    I LOVE your Blog.
    From Spain with love,


    1. Thank you for the info, it is a lovely place. x


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