27 July 2011

{The Story of a Countryside House}

Welcome to a house in the heart of Sussex´s mountains. Here you are at home, feel like a princess into the walls and protected between the flowers.                       

Come on! Enter here:

The halls is an important place of the house. The kids left the shoes when it´s rainning outside and their school bag. When there´re guest they enter by this door and the maid take the luggage. The friends are always welcome, specially in spring when everything is more beutiful.
The dinning room has got a classic taste. Despite everything is specially clean it is used diary. Dinner, lunch and breakfast is a holly moment at the house. What is the menu for today?

This sofa was bought in France. I love the chinesse porcelain imitation textile print. This place is used for family portraits but the TV is in another room. The flowers was taked from the garden.
This is the tv room. The family spend here the weekend´s afthernoon watching the bbc 1´films. Two hours of relax. There´s a despatch too.
Mary Jane and Elsie´s bedroom in the middle level. It is always like a madness: toys in each corner, pencils in the floor, flowers dresses outside of the closet...
Mary Jane being herself.
The visits usually stay here. The family drink the tea at 5,00 here. It is simply lovely.

{Image Credits: Caroline Arber}

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