2 July 2011

{Wedding in Monaco; Part II}


misa monaco
Today was the religious ceremony in Monaco. Charlene was ok. I liked that she wore no jewelry -only a hair accesorie- it shows that is a simple person. Grace Kelly was not jewelry (except earrings). I refer to in my opinion, when a girl - that does not belong to royalty marries a prince- is in bad taste that she adorned with crowns and tiaras. This is my opinion, of course. Perhaps I am wrong.

misa monacomisa monaco

             The dress is very appropriate because Armani Prive (people say that she designed the 100 % of the gown) and conceals his vast shoulders. I would not have chosen this dress for me, it is not my style, but she did very well. I liked the naval uniform of Alberto Do not you remember the captain of "Love Boat"?
misa monaco
The guest were very elegants too. Specially Princess Caroline and Princess Maxima of Netherlands. But what happened with Spanish monarchy? Why they haven´t assist?

Elegant Princess Caroline of Monaco and her smaller daughter, Alexandra of Hannover.

Count Edward and Countess Sophie of Essex, representing Queen Elizabeth II.

Princess Maxima and William of Netherland.

Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden

King Carl Gustav and Queen Sylvia of Sweden.

Princess Madelaine of Sweden.

Carlota Casiraghi - Prince Albert´s niece- and her boyfriend, Alex Dellal.

Prince Pierre and his girlfriend, Beatrice Borromeo.

Princess Mary and Prince Federick of Denmark.

Princess Mathilde and Prince Phillipe of Belgium.

Duke Louis Alfonse and Duchess Margarita of Anjou, heirs to the crown of France.

Model Karolina Kurkova and her husband, Archie Drury.

Actor Roger Moore and his fourth wife, Christina Tholstrup.

Model Ines de la Fressange and her daughters: Violette and Nine.

Charlene´s mother, Lynette, with her two sons: Gareth and Sean.(She was very beutiful and right).
...In 1956:
Grace and Rainier also have a great celebration. Grace weared a stunning lace renaisse dress who was designed by Helen Rose and it was a present from Mgm. There has not exist a bride like her.


  1. Grace kelly was the most beautiful actress and princess of all times ,in my opinion.I am her fan and nobody can be compared with her.She was a perfect beauty and a glamorous princess.
    Her wedding dress is the nicest wedding dress I have ever seen.I saw it in her exhibitions and is just elegant and glamorous,perfect in each detail,as the little bows on the back.
    She was a fairytale princess.

  2. Thank you to both "anonymous" it is lovely to read from someone who has spent his/her time reading my post (I haven´t got words for express how much happy it makes me).

    I am totally agree with your opinions. Grace was a great human: great daughter, great sister, great niece, great friend, great actress, great friend, great girlfriend, great wife, great mother, great boss and I am sure she would had been a great grandmother too. Sadly I didn´t met her (I wish) but I have met people who were near to her and I also have read a lot of books and everybody say the same so I can´t help to believe them.
    What an extraordinary criature...
    Have a lovely weekend my two "anonymous ladies or gentlemans".
    Caroline Grey.


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