25 September 2011

{Second Anniversary of the Blog, and new Appearence}

I had long been thinking about making improvements to the blog. When I started writing in "My Dear Lady" two years ago, my idea of ​​a blog was different from now. Before, I thought it was important information (more text and fewer pictures), I now realize how important the pictures and drawings are, and if sources are cited and are chosen riht, it makes a good blog special. I have to thank, on this second anniversary, people who have followed my posts every day and that their comments have given me encourage you to continue writing.

I hope that from now, Eton Square, go up to previous years. Do you like the new head?

1 comment:

  1. Miss C, I like the "new" look very much. Very elegant, as usual. Of course, you could make a blog about a toxic waste dump and it would probably be beautiful and elegant, too! ;)


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