10 September 2011

{To Catch a Thief Premiere in 1955}

Grace with Cary Grant and others.
Up Grace´sisters: Peggy and Lizanne.


  1. Oh my goodness, C! Do you think it is a possibility that Grace was wearing a hairpiece at this premiere of TO CATCH A THIEF? You know in every biography of Grace people always said that she had very, very thin hair. I know that she wore hairpieces later in her life as Princess of Monaco, but I was looking very closely here, and even though I have seen these gorgeous pictures before, this is the first time it struck me that she could have been wearing a hairpiece here! Her hair looks quite long and I don't think that Grace usually let her hair get to this length... but I could be wrong. Just an observation... at 3 in the morning! ♥ Sheila

    1. I think the only time her hair was long naturally (and it is hard to tell, some of those falls were really good!) was when she was pregnant with Caroline. In the photos when she and Prince Rainier return for a visit to the States, her hair had grown so much, she was just so beautiful.
      I knew a girl in the '90s who I talked to about Grace when it seemed like no one else knew who she was & you couldn't find anything on the Internet, wouldn't it be a small world if that was you!

  2. Was this the NYC premier? They had 2 of them - one in Westwood (Los Angeles area) and one in NYC

    1. This is Westwood, if Google Images is to be trusted ;0) They had absolutely nothing on a NYC premiere... which doesn't mean it didn't happen, just that there aren't yet any photos. I'll write myself a note and see what I have.

  3. I have done pretty serious research on Grace's life since 1999 and had never seen this photo of Grace with her sisters. Thank you for finding and posting, that just made my day! They look so happy :)

    I do believe she is wearing a "fall", she wore them more often as Princess in the 1960s, the hair hung behind a headband (Judith Balaban Quine wrote about their "falls" in the "Bridesmaids" book). This was quite a premiere, it looks more like a party with the tables and dancing. I always loved the friendship Grace (and later Rainier as well) shared with Cary Grant and for a time, his wife Betsy Drake. Everyone who worked with Grace loved & respected her - not a romantic love, she was just impossible to not like - and Cary was a life-long friend. You know he gave her Oliver, her black poodle who she adored (i think he was her first "child", as fur babies often are!)

    I am still looking for this dress in color, but these photos are a great find, thanks again! :)

  4. The premiere photos of To Catch a Thief, featured on this page, are from the Philadelphia Premiere, not Westwood, not NYC. 1955/08/02 After party was at The Drake Hotel.The gentleman she is dancing with was, at that time, the Governor of Pennsylvania,George Leader.
    For Sarah 's info re: comment re: Google images..they are not the most reliable reference tool !

  5. Well, I suppose it would depend on where that Google image link sent one, wouldn't it?
    At any rate, these are lovely, I found the again in a stack of newspapers when I was in Philadelphia, just a wealth of goodies about Grace!
    I do think now that she had long hair in 1955. She seemed to have a good relaxing summer that year, following a year with so much work. Happy times!

    I saw this e-mail and could not imagine what Eaton Square was... especially when I had a notice from "Anonymous". I wonder if Anonymous can be trusted? :)


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