8 October 2012

{Dinner Days and Flowers}

Actress Diane Keaton in the role of Annie in Annie Hall (Dir: Woody Allen. 1977)

I remember when a few years ago, when I was a teenager, somebody told me "you look a lot like Annie Hall" (I knew who was Diane Keaton and by that time i thought she was "ugly"). I had no idea about ​​good cinema and Woody Allen, so that weekend I rented the movie ... I just fell in love, not only of Woody and Diane and their character, also of the plot, is - as experts say, the best romantic comedy in film history, and definitely it deserves this award.

      In this movie I also discovered the song "Seems Like Old Times" - which is played by the character of Annie in a New York´s  nightclub- and I can say it is my favorite song.  The song was originally recored by Guy Lombardo in 1947, although there are other versions such as Harry James, Ella Fitzgerald, Vaughn Monroe . My favorite is undoubtedly that of Diane Keaton. Hope you like me so excited.

Click below for listening the son, sagn by Diane Keaton with some movie´scenes:

The Lyric

Seems like old times
Having you to walk with
Seems like old times
Having you to talk with
And it's still a thrill
Just to have my arms around you
Still the thrill that it was
The day I found you

Seems like old times
Dinner dates and flowers
Just like old times
Staying up for hours
Making dreams come true
Doing things we used to do

Seems like old times
Being here with you...

{Links: Read more about the film on IMDB}

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