18 February 2011

{Althorp, Ancestral home of the Spencer family can be Rented}

Althorp is famous as the childhood home of the late Princess Diana but has in fact been home to her family, the Spencers for nearly 500 years. The house is a treasure trove of amazing art work, sculptures and furniture, combined with stunning interiors and elegant parkland. However although Althorp is very much a stately home, it is not a museum! I was immediately struck on entering the front hall on how cosy and welcoming the house felt. There is a large variety of bedrooms available from formal four poster state rooms to much more contemporary bedrooms and childrens rooms. This home is ideal for a large family group or a small corporate party.

                   {Althorp House in XIX Century}

         The present Earl has done much to bring the house into the 21st Century, whilst retaining the elegance of the property and everything is kept in immaculate condition. The surrounding parkland shields the house from the outside world and it has a wonderfully private and secluded feel. The house is open to the public in July & August and hosts various other evnts including a literary festival. For the rest of the year it is totally private. Guests are beautifully looked after by Lord Spencer's team of staff and the estate's facilities are available for their enjoyment.

Princess Diana
      {Princess Diana with her brother Earl Spencer}

{Teen Lady Diana future Princess of Wales having fun at the
         There are few more places more splendid than Althorp available for a private or corporate rental. It enjoys a unique position in our portfolio of houses & castles being so splendid in style, so varied in what it offers, so palatial in size, so famous for it's Royal connections and yet still so private. I found the whole property enchanting and for a long weekend, I can't think of a more glorious home to fill with family and friends. It offers a glimpse into a bygone era, combined with modern day facilities with kind and attentive staff.

-Sleeps 30

-15 bedrooms - A variety of formal, family and childrens rooms
-Open to the Public in July & August
-A large formal dining room
-Tennis court and other facilities

Althorp House Website
Google Map Location

Front View of Stately Home
Painters' Passage with Sculptures

Four Poster Bedroom

Princess of Wales' Bedroom

King William Bedroom

House Library

Public Rooms

 State Dining Room

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