17 February 2011

{Portugal´Secret Garden}

Jardin Portugal vue d'ensemble maison

Vue sur les jardins

Le bassin du jardin

Pergola blanche du jardin
Plantes du jardin

La cerise de Cayenne

                       {Source Link to Maison Jardin}


  1. Dear Caroline,
    I feel so flattered and honoured for your post about Portugal and above all because it's dedicated to me in particulary.I'm one of the "Ladies" who sees your blog everyday, but i'm sure that others see you also, only they have not the habit to write.
    The photos you posted from our gardens are beautiful, but it shows the typical South Portugal gardens( Alentejo and Algarve)a dry region and with arabe influences. But our North area ( Douro and Minho )is the luxurious part of our country, with much water, rivers and green. They are beautiful! And the palace's gardens? We have been a monarchy until 1910.
    Thank you.Your's Maria Eugénia

  2. Oh dear, you´re so sweet. I am glad you enjoyed witht his post, I promisse you wholeheartly that I´ll writte more about your wonderful country. If you want please, feel free to share everything you want here. This is your home (or a second home). I love monoarchy stories, and I specially love Queen Isabel of Portugal´s one.
    Could you share a link to the Portugal palace´s garden. I am anxious for know more.

    With all affection,


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