24 March 2011

{London on my Mind; March 2011}

London is always a nice idea. This city has everything you need. You can find inspiration, ideas, solutions but over all, you can find the HAPPINESS.

{At Russell Square - shopping and coffes- in the heart of Chelsea}

{My dear London´s friend - Lady Charlotte Helmore "Lottie"- the best guide around UK}

{Dinner in Aura with lovely Lady Noelia and her friend Melanie, in the heart of Mayfair (West London)}

{I met Lady N two years ago, in summer 2009 when we were studying in St. Martin´s College, we have a great friendships. She is fashion stylist and she lives in London since few years. I stayed at her home last weekend}

{Champagne; Lady N. and me}

{Afther dinner we went to Mahiki, a famous London nightclub in St. James street}

...And sunday was the excursion day.

{Lottie and me visited Dover, a coast place in the south of London. It is two hours from London center}.

{We visited the Dover´s Castle - builded in the middle age- very curious place that i totally recommend you}

{England always on my heart}

{Lottie taking pictures from the top of the castle to the coast}

{St. Mary´s Church (XIII Century)}

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